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.mobi is your mobile access to the lottery.

 Lottery and .mobi were made for each other.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  Let me first thank you for checking out this first installment of my blog. I do hope it becomes a popular place for lottery enthusiasts to come get information pertaining to their respective state  lottery.I also intend to utilize this site to encourage others to develop,purchase,and search .mobi sites. (.mobi is your mobile access to the web) Mobile access to the web has far surpassed home computers as the access point of choice for web enthusiasts. Many sites will not format to a mobile devise,yet .mobi sites can be viewed from home computers,laptops,notebooks,and mobile devises. When searching the web on your cell phone,all way’s think .mobi first,and encourage your friends to check it out.

I will not pretend to be a writer,but I will try to get my point across without boring you too bad, and even use spell check every now and again.

 So without further hesitation,here is the lowdown. I have been working on creating a conglomerate of lottery sites designed for mobile access. Around mid April,2009. I began researching lottery domains and was amazed at the number of potential sites available.Long story short,I purchased an amount of domains great enough to consider this venture to be nothing short of a potential business( currently profit free) and started development of my first site in late june,2009.(6-25-2009)

 Http://coloradolottery.mobi , and Http://colottery.mobi were the first sites developed. They are still a work in progress but the foundation has been layed. Currently,I have been able to have produced thirtytwo states lottery number sites with over sixty domain access points and  over 100  new mobile domains. All my sites are still under development but the lottery sites are accessible with accurate information and ease of use.

Every site has additional links. Many have sports news available as well as gambling,ring tones,mobile games,on line dating,college registration and information,along with a multitude of lottery information. I am continually researching the best possible ads to offer ease of access,positive,comfortable experience so you as my guest on any lottery site,wants to return week after week.

Current list of states to be developed will be added soon. Go to this link for all states being developed. http://wp.me/pBn2B-3

 Please do not think your opinion will not matter as you review any of my sites. Take the time to give criticism as well as positive feed back so I can adjust the .mobi,( mobile ) experience to best reflect your wants and needs.

the current list of developed sites is as follows.

http://kentuckylottery.mobi  http://kylottery.mobi  http://kylotto.mobi

http://iowalottery.mobi  http://iowalotto.mobi  http://ialotto.mobi

http://kansaslottery.mobi  http://kansaslotto.mobi

http://rhodeislandlottery.mobi  http://rilotto.mobi

http://newhampshirelottery.mobi  http://nhlottery.mobi  http://nhlotto.mobi

http://vermontlottery.mobi  http://vtlotto.mobi

http://arizlotto.mobi  http://azlotto.mobi 

http://nclottery.mobi  http://www.nclotto.mobi


http://arkansaslottery.mobi , http://arlottery.mobi , http://arlotto.mobi

http://newyorklottery.mobi  , http://newyorklotto.mobi  http://nylottery.mobi  http://nylotto.mobi

http://texaslottery.mobi  http://txlottery.mobi  http://txlotto.mobi

http://connecticutlottery.mobi   http://connecticutlotto.mobi  http://ctlotto.mobi

http://nmlottery.mobi  http://nmlotto.mobi

http://floridalottery.mobi  http://floridalotto.mobi  http://fllottery.mobi  http://fllotto.mobi

http://galottery.mobi , http://galotto.mobi , http://georgialotto.mobi

http://nebraskalottery.mobi , http://nelotto.mobi

http://calotto.mobi , http://californialotto.mobi

http://virginialottery.mobi , http://valottery.mobi , http://valotto.mobi

http://mainelottery.mobi , http://melottery.mobi , http://melotto.mobi , http://melottery.net 

http://newjerseylottery.mobi  http://njlottery.mobi , http://njlotto.mobi

http://ohiolottery.mobi , http://ohlotto.mobi

http://westvirginialottery.mobi , http://wvlottery.mobi , http://wvlotto.mobi

http://wisconsinlottery.mobi , http://wilottery.mobi , http://wilotto.mobi

http://idaholottery.mobi , http://idlottery.mobi , http://idlotto.mobi  , http://idlotto.com 

http://illinoislotto.mobi  http://illotto.mobi , http://illottery.mobi

http://coloradolottery.mobi , http://colottery.mobi  http://colotto.mobi 

http://massachusettslottery.mobi , http://massachusettslotto.mobi , http://malottery.mobi , http://malotto.mobi

http://pennsylvanialottery.mobi , http://pennsylvanialotto.mobi , http://palottery.mobi , http://palotto.mobi

http://michiganlottery.mobi , http://michiganlotto.mobi , http://milottery.mobi , http://milotto.mobi

http://minnesotalottery.mobi , http://minnesotalotto.mobi , http://mnlottery.mobi , http://mnlotto.mobi

http://dclottery.mobi , http://dclotto.mobi

http://oklahomalottery.mobi , http://oklahomalotto.mobi , http://oklottery.mobi , http://oklotto.mobi

http://indianalottery.mobi , http://indianalotto.mobi , http://inlottery.mobi , http://inlotto.mobi

 Over the coming months,I will work on keeping you informed as to the progress of this venture.There really is much to tell. I will say now that tackling a project like this is not at all what I had planned on doing when it all started. There really are many 20 hr days sitting in front of the computer researching this,typing that,entering domains with search engines,upgrading hosting accounts, and so on.  If your not afraid of long hours for no pay and days of trial and error with the possible outcome being failure, I would say what the hell. ( I am not afraid to fail for I now know I will not be doing that tomorrow. ) Quot me if you like.

So here is to my lottery venture. Winning never sounded better than it does right now!, but loosing sure has kept me motivated.  Pitchman101

P.S  You can also check out my twitter page at  http://twitter.com/pitchman101

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