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Use the link at the very bottom of this page. The other link has been shut down but I happen to have saved a working copy!

There is so much wrong with this company and its operations by its owners Rainbow Ironshell and Anthony Hong that its difficult to find a starting place. Completely missrepresents itself and there affiliations. Does not pay there sales staff what is owed them. No book keeping or records provided to the sub contractor’s to justify income verses pay outs so no way for a sales rep to now exactly how much Arcm inc / Anthony Hong / &amp; Rainbow Ironshell are holding back of the 50/50 split of profit offered its sub contract sales staff. Arcm inc has zero business being in business. Here is a link to the Tom Martino (troubleshooter) radio broadcast dated 10/17/2013 were One of the owners, Anthony Hong of Arcm inc is confronted about his company misrepresentation. Just a pathetic company and people running it. If the link below is not clickable, please copy and paste it were you can access the recording. well wourth it!<br><a href=”http://www.khow.com/media/podcast-troubleshooter-unleashed-fullshow_martino/101713-10am-strange-addictions-23854146/&#8221; rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” data-mce-href=”http://www.khow.com/media/podcast-troubleshooter-unleashed-fullshow_martino/101713-10am-strange-addictions-23854146/”>http://www.khow.com/media/podcast-troubleshooter-unleashed-fullshow_martino/101713-10am-strange-addictions-23854146/</a&gt; This is the Tom Martino show were the troubleshooter Tom Martino confronts Anthony Hong of Arcm inc in Lakewood Colorado about issue’s with his company. Start clip at 1.10 time counter. The link above is now unavailable but you can contact the troubleshooter show at 303-627-8466 . ask for Bart. If anyone wants a copy of the recording, I can forward a copy to your e-mail adress. Here is the link but I’ve noticed that copy and paste doesnt allway’s work were as I can forward it tom a valid e-mail adress and you can play it back on your computer. My # is 720-385-9364<a href=”?ui=2&amp;ik=73fd272305&amp;view=att&amp;th=142009e4980763b3&amp;attid=0.1&amp;disp=safe&amp;realattid=f_hnc480cz0&amp;zw” target=”_blank” data-mce-href=”?ui=2&amp;ik=73fd272305&amp;view=att&amp;th=142009e4980763b3&amp;attid=0.1&amp;disp=safe&amp;realattid=f_hnc480cz0&amp;zw”><img alt=”martino_10-17-13_10am_1382032053_11122.mp3″ src=”/mail/u/0/images/sound.gif” data-mce-src=”/mail/u/0/images/sound.gif”></a>    

martino_10-17-13_10am_1382032053_11122.mp3 martino_10-17-13_10am_1382032053_11122.mp3 24552K   Play   Download
martino_10-17-13_10am_1382032053_11122.mp3 24552K   Play   Download  
  • Your mobile app is spying on you. About the danger in free apps.

    The study also found that a large proportion of apps contain third-party code with the capability to interact with sensitive data in a way that may not be apparent to users or the developers of the apps themselves. The third-party code is generally used for advertising or analytics. The project found that 47 percent of free Android apps included this third-party code, while 23 percent of free iPhone apps use it. Third-party code represents a security risk because it is difficult to update (and patch a vulnerability) on a global basis. Apple changed its terms of service for the iPhone recently because of its concerns about what third-party analytics and other companies were doing with private data.

  • Nov

    .mobi is your mobile access to the lottery
    thanks so much for checking this list for your states mobile access to the current lottery numbers. This blog is a work in progress, currently with 40 states available as well as the District of Columbia for direct links to access their lottery information. check back often to see when your state has been added to the list of finished state mobile lottery links. allways think .mobi when searching for your states winning lottery numbers and do not forget to start thinking ( .MOBI FOR ALL YOUR MOBILE ACCESS TO THE WEB NEEDS.)
    All lottery sites completed also are given their own e-mail adress and Twitter location. these will also be availabe here to access along with any additional pertinant information.
    for further information, go to (Pitchman101 on twitter). It should be noted that there will be additional sites added to the list. If you do not see your lottery listed, please drop me a line at Pitchman101@gmail.com and I will make sure I take care of it for you.
    I wish you all great luck with your tickets. We cannot all win, but someone will. MAYBE YOU.

    list of state lottery sites being developed. ( key to info = ppwli=Parked page with lottery information. )http://wp.me/pBn2B-3

    1) http://649lotto.mobi ppwli ( canada )
    2) http://alabamalottery.mobi
    3) http://alabamalotto.mobi
    4) http://arkansaslottery.mobi Twitter= arkansaslotto1 . E-mail= arkansaslotto@gmail.com
    5) http://arlottery.mobi Twitter=arkansaslotto1 . E-mail= arkansaslotto@gmail.com
    6) http://arlotto.mobi Twitter=arkansaslotto1 . E-mail= arkansaslotto@gmail.com
    7) http://arizlotto.com ppwli
    8) http://arizlotto.mobi finished site, Twitter= Arizonalotto , E-mail= Arizonalotto@gmail.com
    9) http://azlotto.mobi finished site. twitter= arizonalotto , e-mail= arizonalotto@gmail.com
    10) http://calotto.mobi finished site. Twitter callotto . E-mail= californialotto@gmail.com .
    11) http://californialotto.mobi finished site. Twitter callotto . E-mail= californialotto@gmail.com .
    12) http://colotto.mobi finished site.
    13) http://coloradolottery.mobi finished site. Twittery= colottery . E-mail = cololotto@gmail.com .
    14) http://colottery.mobi finished site. Twitter= colottery . E-mail= cololotto@gmail.com .
    15) http://connecticutlottery.mobi finished site. twitter= ctlotto. E-mail= connecticutlotto@gmail.com
    16) http://ctlotto.mobi finished site. twitter= ctlotto. E-mail= connecticutlotto@gmail.com
    17) http://dclotto.mobi Finished site. Twitter= dclotto1 E-mail= dclotto1@gmail.com
    18) http://dclottery.mobi finished site. twitter = dclotto1 E-mail = dclotto1@gmail.com
    19) http://delawarelottery.mobi finished site.
    20) http://delawarelotto.mobi finished site.
    21) http://delewarelotto.com ppwli
    22) http://delotto.mobi finished site.
    23) http://fllotto.mobi finished site. Twitter= floridalotto1. e-mail= floridalotto1@gmail.com
    24) http://fllottery.mobi finished site. twitter= floridalotto1. e-mail= floridalotto1@gmail.com
    25) http://floridalottery.mobi finished site. twitter= floridalotto1. e-mail= floridalotto1@gmail.com
    26) http://floridalotto.mobi finished site. twitter= floridalotto1. e-mail= floridalotto1@gmail.com
    27) http://galottery.mobi Finished site. Twitter= georgialotto . E-mail= georgialotto@gmail.com
    28) http://galotto.mobi Finished site. Twitter= georgialotto. E-mail= georgialotto@gmail.com
    29) http://idaholottery.mobi Finished site. Twitter=idaholotto . E-mail= idaholotto@gmail.com .
    30) http://idlottery.mobi Finished site. Twitter= idaholotto . E-mail= idaholotto@gmail.com .
    31) http://idlotto.com ppwli
    32) http://idlotto.mobi Finished site. Twitter=idaholotto . E-mail= idaholotto@gmail.com .
    33) http://illottery.mobi Finished site. Twitter=illotto . E-mail= illinoislot@gmail.com .
    34) http://illotto.mobi Finished site. Twitter=illotto . E-mail= illinoislot@gmail.com .
    35) http://illinoislotto.mobi finished site. twitter= illotto .email= illinoislot@gmail.com
    36) http://indianalottery.mobi Finished site. Twitter= indianalotto . E-mail= indianalotto@gmail.com
    37) http://inlottery.mobi Finished site. Twitter= indianalotto . E-mail= indianalotto@gmail.com
    38) http://inlotto.mobi Finished site. Twitter= indianalotto . E-mail= indianalotto@gmail.com
    39) http://iowalottery.mobi finished site
    40) http://iowalotto.mobi finished site.
    41) http://ialotto.mobi finished site. Iowa
    42) http://irishlottery.mobi ppwli
    43) http://kansaslottery.mobi finished site.
    44) http://kansaslotto.mobi finished site.
    45) http://kentuckylottery.mobi finished site.
    45) http://kylottery.mobi finished site
    46) http://kylotto.mobi finished site. ( kentucky )
    47) http://lalotto.mobi ( louisiana ) finished site. twitter = Lalotto , E-mail= louisianalotto@gmail.com
    48) http://lotterydirectory.mobi finished site. twitter =
    49) http://lottostates.mobi finished site. twitter =
    50) http://mainelottery.mobi finished site. Twitter = mainelottery . E-mail = mainelotto@gmail.com .
    51) http://mainelotto.mobi finished site.
    52) http://melottery.mobi finished site. twitter=mainelottery E-mail= mainelotto@gmail.com .
    53) http://melotto.mobi finished site. twitter=mainelottery E-mail= mainelotto@gmail.com .
    54) http://melotto.net finished site. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    55) http://melotto.us finished site. ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    56) http://melotto.info finished site ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’
    57) http://massachusettslottery.mobi finished site. twitter=malottery . E-mail= massachusettslotto@gmail.com .
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    65) http://milotto.mobi Finished site. twitter= michiganlottery . E-mail= michiganlotto1@gmail.com
    66) http://minnesotalottery.mobi Finished site. twitter= minnesotalotter . E-mail= minnesotalotto1@gmail.com
    67) http://mnlottery.mobi Finished site twitter= minnesotalotter . E-mail= minnesotalotto1@gmail.com
    68) http://mnlotto.mobi Finished site. twitter= minnesotalotter . E-mail= minnesotalotto1@gmail.com
    69) http://mississippilottery.mobi
    70) http://mslotto.mobi
    71) http://missourilottery.mobi No Lottery currently in Missouri
    72) http://mtlottery.mobi ppwli ( montana )
    73) http://mtlotto.mobi ppwli
    74) http://nclottery.mobi ( north carolina ) finished site. twitter = nclotto , E-mail= northcarolinalotto@gmail.com
    75) http://nclotto.mobi finished site. Twitter = nclotto , E-mail= northcarolinalotto@gmail.com
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    81) http://nhlottery.mobi finished site.
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    82) http://njlottery.mobi finished site. Twitter = newjerseylotto. E-mail = jersey.lotto@gmail.com .
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    93) http://oklottery.mobi Finished site. twitter= oklahomalotto . E-mail= oklahomalotto@gmail.com
    94) http://oklotto.mobi Finished site. twitter= oklahomalotto . E-mail= oklahomalotto@gmail.com
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    96) http://orlotto.mobi ppwli
    97) http://orlottery.mobi ppwli
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    99) http://palottery.mobi finished site.
    100) http://palotto.mobi finished site. Finished site. twitter= palotto . E-mail= pennsylvanialotto@gmail.com
    101) http://pblottery.mobi ppwli (power ball)
    102) http://pblottery.com ppwli (power ball)
    103) http://pblotto.mobi ppwli (power ball)
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    132) http://wilotto.mobi finished site. Twitter = wilotto . E-mail = wisconsin.lotto@gmail.com .
    133) http://wyominglottery.mobi No Lottery currently in Wyoming
    134) http://wylottery.mobi No Lottery currently in Wyoming
    135) http://wylotto.mobi No Lottery currently in Wyoming


     Lottery and .mobi were made for each other.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

      Let me first thank you for checking out this first installment of my blog. I do hope it becomes a popular place for lottery enthusiasts to come get information pertaining to their respective state  lottery.I also intend to utilize this site to encourage others to develop,purchase,and search .mobi sites. (.mobi is your mobile access to the web) Mobile access to the web has far surpassed home computers as the access point of choice for web enthusiasts. Many sites will not format to a mobile devise,yet .mobi sites can be viewed from home computers,laptops,notebooks,and mobile devises. When searching the web on your cell phone,all way’s think .mobi first,and encourage your friends to check it out.

    I will not pretend to be a writer,but I will try to get my point across without boring you too bad, and even use spell check every now and again.

     So without further hesitation,here is the lowdown. I have been working on creating a conglomerate of lottery sites designed for mobile access. Around mid April,2009. I began researching lottery domains and was amazed at the number of potential sites available.Long story short,I purchased an amount of domains great enough to consider this venture to be nothing short of a potential business( currently profit free) and started development of my first site in late june,2009.(6-25-2009)

     Http://coloradolottery.mobi , and Http://colottery.mobi were the first sites developed. They are still a work in progress but the foundation has been layed. Currently,I have been able to have produced thirtytwo states lottery number sites with over sixty domain access points and  over 100  new mobile domains. All my sites are still under development but the lottery sites are accessible with accurate information and ease of use.

    Every site has additional links. Many have sports news available as well as gambling,ring tones,mobile games,on line dating,college registration and information,along with a multitude of lottery information. I am continually researching the best possible ads to offer ease of access,positive,comfortable experience so you as my guest on any lottery site,wants to return week after week.

    Current list of states to be developed will be added soon. Go to this link for all states being developed. http://wp.me/pBn2B-3

     Please do not think your opinion will not matter as you review any of my sites. Take the time to give criticism as well as positive feed back so I can adjust the .mobi,( mobile ) experience to best reflect your wants and needs.

    the current list of developed sites is as follows.

    http://kentuckylottery.mobi  http://kylottery.mobi  http://kylotto.mobi

    http://iowalottery.mobi  http://iowalotto.mobi  http://ialotto.mobi

    http://kansaslottery.mobi  http://kansaslotto.mobi

    http://rhodeislandlottery.mobi  http://rilotto.mobi

    http://newhampshirelottery.mobi  http://nhlottery.mobi  http://nhlotto.mobi

    http://vermontlottery.mobi  http://vtlotto.mobi

    http://arizlotto.mobi  http://azlotto.mobi 

    http://nclottery.mobi  http://www.nclotto.mobi


    http://arkansaslottery.mobi , http://arlottery.mobi , http://arlotto.mobi

    http://newyorklottery.mobi  , http://newyorklotto.mobi  http://nylottery.mobi  http://nylotto.mobi

    http://texaslottery.mobi  http://txlottery.mobi  http://txlotto.mobi

    http://connecticutlottery.mobi   http://connecticutlotto.mobi  http://ctlotto.mobi

    http://nmlottery.mobi  http://nmlotto.mobi

    http://floridalottery.mobi  http://floridalotto.mobi  http://fllottery.mobi  http://fllotto.mobi

    http://galottery.mobi , http://galotto.mobi , http://georgialotto.mobi

    http://nebraskalottery.mobi , http://nelotto.mobi

    http://calotto.mobi , http://californialotto.mobi

    http://virginialottery.mobi , http://valottery.mobi , http://valotto.mobi

    http://mainelottery.mobi , http://melottery.mobi , http://melotto.mobi , http://melottery.net 

    http://newjerseylottery.mobi  http://njlottery.mobi , http://njlotto.mobi

    http://ohiolottery.mobi , http://ohlotto.mobi

    http://westvirginialottery.mobi , http://wvlottery.mobi , http://wvlotto.mobi

    http://wisconsinlottery.mobi , http://wilottery.mobi , http://wilotto.mobi

    http://idaholottery.mobi , http://idlottery.mobi , http://idlotto.mobi  , http://idlotto.com 

    http://illinoislotto.mobi  http://illotto.mobi , http://illottery.mobi

    http://coloradolottery.mobi , http://colottery.mobi  http://colotto.mobi 

    http://massachusettslottery.mobi , http://massachusettslotto.mobi , http://malottery.mobi , http://malotto.mobi

    http://pennsylvanialottery.mobi , http://pennsylvanialotto.mobi , http://palottery.mobi , http://palotto.mobi

    http://michiganlottery.mobi , http://michiganlotto.mobi , http://milottery.mobi , http://milotto.mobi

    http://minnesotalottery.mobi , http://minnesotalotto.mobi , http://mnlottery.mobi , http://mnlotto.mobi

    http://dclottery.mobi , http://dclotto.mobi

    http://oklahomalottery.mobi , http://oklahomalotto.mobi , http://oklottery.mobi , http://oklotto.mobi

    http://indianalottery.mobi , http://indianalotto.mobi , http://inlottery.mobi , http://inlotto.mobi

     Over the coming months,I will work on keeping you informed as to the progress of this venture.There really is much to tell. I will say now that tackling a project like this is not at all what I had planned on doing when it all started. There really are many 20 hr days sitting in front of the computer researching this,typing that,entering domains with search engines,upgrading hosting accounts, and so on.  If your not afraid of long hours for no pay and days of trial and error with the possible outcome being failure, I would say what the hell. ( I am not afraid to fail for I now know I will not be doing that tomorrow. ) Quot me if you like.

    So here is to my lottery venture. Winning never sounded better than it does right now!, but loosing sure has kept me motivated.  Pitchman101

    P.S  You can also check out my twitter page at  http://twitter.com/pitchman101


    http://lotterydirectory.mobi , http://lottostates.mobi , http://trugreen.mobi & http://top10lotterysites.mobi are now available to access state lottery’s from your cell phone. It is still a work in progress, but is accessable for many states currently developed. Check back soon if you dont see your states lottery numbers available and I will make sure to get them listed.

     It should be noted that each one of these directories has different state sites (links)available making them individual for links to the same information. 

     Any further information needed about mobile access lottery numbers sites can probably be found at http://www.pitchman101.wordpress.com witch is a section of this blog.

    There is currently a twitter site posted along with e-mail adresses for every states lottery numbers access. I will be developing the twitter site as well as attatching an e-mail address to these four directories  asap.


     You can now access current and past winning New Mexico lottery numbers from mobile access. http://nmlotto.mobi has mobile access from your cell phone. PASS IT ON!. Are you a winner?.


     You can now access current and past winning Florida state lottery numbers from mobile access. http://fllotto.mobi  has mobile access from your cell phone.PASS IT ON!.

    all other states mobile access sites are either developed or in development. Check mobilotto blog at pitchman101 wordpress for there access.


    The arkansas state lottery numbers will be available from mobile access starting from the first drawing, Currently scheduled for 9-28-09. http://arkansaslottery.mobi , http://arlottery.mobi & http://arlotto.mobi all will offer current and past winning Arkansas state lottery numbers from your cell phone access. The sites currently have related information.PASS IT ON!. Are you a winner?.  Twitter = Arkansaslotto1   All other states lottery numbers from  mobile access are at http://www.pitchman101.wordpress.com


    You can now aquire Texas state lottery numbers from mobile access. http://txlotto.mobi offers current and past winning Texas state lottery numbers from your cell phone. PASS IT ON!. Are you a winner?. Twitter = texaslotto.     All other states completed can be seen at http://www.pitchman101.wordpress.com Mobilotto


    You can now access current and past winning New York state lottery numbers from mobile access. http://newyorklottery.mobi & http://newyorklotto.mobi offer access to the winning numbers from your cell phone. PASS IT ON! Are you a winner?. Twitter nylotto1   Also access all other states lottery sites at http://www.pitchman101.wordpress.com